Welcome to electrician Peter Ptacek (Habršperk 249)


Executing applications drives Lenz, Siemens, Eaton, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC,
machinery and equipment
application of EC motors fy ATAS installation of heat pumps firm UGS complete.
Transmission repair, we propose an optimal transfer in combination with a frequency converter,
and you have the latest drive with linear changes in speed!
When using the EC motor torque can be realized,
Speed ​​and position servo means sophisticated and decentralized drive big ideas
application-control via RS 232 or CAN.
Parameterisation via PC drive, or using a computer panel ELNICO fy,
which adequately provides for this power setting and control of technological units.
Electrician firm ABB - Intelligent Installation ego-n.
Application of LED lighting interiors / exteriors.

You can find me at: Habršperk 249, Dolní Radechová